Welcome to NaS!

NaS is a hybrid approach developped to take advantage of data generated using MinION device. We combine Illumina and Oxford Nanopore technologies to produce NaS (Nanopore Synthetic-long) reads of up to 60 kb that aligned with no error to the reference genome and spanned repetitive regions.

Download the NaS publication or our AGBT poster to learn more about NaS.

NaS v2 is out, this latest release has several improvments (like sensitivity in read recruitement and post-assembly steps). Use the download link to get the software bundle, which includes installation and usage instructions.

Here is a video presentation at London calling (May 2015)

The bulk of the software is written in Perl, so it should run fine on most machines. If you do run into trouble however, use the address below to contact the developers.

nas [a] genoscope [.] cns [.] fr