The Human Chromosome 14

Collaborations :
 Institute for Systems Biology,
Seattle, Washington, 98103, USA
 Genome Sequencing Center,
Washington University School of Medecine,
St Louis, Missouri, 63108, USA
 Hugo, The Human Genome Organisation
Data access :
Generic Genome Browser
Gene Index

January 1st, 2003

This is the very first version of the Home page for The Human Chromosome 14 Annotation. We plan to improve and update it regularly in order to provide more detailed information about the gene content.

This is the entry point for the updated data for the Human Chromosome 14 Annotation, published as an Advanced Online Publication (AOP) by Nature (published electronically on January 1st 2003, 19:00 GMT). Data are shown using the Lincoln Stein's Generic Genome Browser. Specific annotations stored in Genoscope's internal database (i.e. virtual cDNAs in the 'Proposed Structure' track) can be viewed beside the browser by clicking objects in the browser window.

Click here for direct access to the browser. The browser is highly configurable, and uses cookies to save your settings across your visits, this is the only use of cookies by the browser. No other use of cookies are made here. Click on the Reset (red) button on the browser page to return to default settings. Please note that the browser requires Javascript, though non-Javascript browsers are usable but with less comfort.

You can also access the browser through a Gene Index. We'll keep this list of genes updated on a regular basis. By clicking on one of the position fields, you'll be directed to the selected region, plus or minus 10 kb.

The Genethon Genetic Markers may be used as entry points to the genomic region which extends 100 kb around the markers's position.

The other participating groups in the Chromosome 14 Project include the Institute for Systems Biology (Seattle, Washington, USA), the Genome Sequencing Center (Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri, USA) and the Human Genome Organisation.

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