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MaGe is based on a relational database containing well-organized information on bacterial genomes, together with a graphically oriented web interface to achieve on-going community genome annotation projects.

AMIGene (Annotation of MIcrobial Genes) is an application for automatically identifying the most likely CoDing Sequences (CDSs) in a large contig or a complete bacterial genome sequence.

Syntonizer is an application for synteny group detection.

Automatic functionnal assignation.

MICheck (Microbial Genome checker), is a web software enables rapid verification of sets of annotated genes and frameshifts (syntaxic annotation), in complete bacterial genomes that are available in public databanks.

Gene classes in a bacterial genome according to codon usage.

Procaryotic Frameshift Error Detection: Method that allows for frameshift prediction in raw DNA sequences without looking for sequence similarity in databanks.



rRNA gene finding

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