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What is PRIAM ?

PRIAM is a method for automated enzyme detection in a fully sequenced genome, based on all sequences available in the ENZYME database (http://www.expasy.ch/enzyme/). PRIAM relies on sets of position-specific score matrices (PSSMs) automatically tailored for each ENZYME entry. The whole Swiss-Prot database has been used to parametrise and to assess the method.

More: http://priam.prabi.fr/

Reference: Clotilde Claudel-Renard, Claude Chevalet, Thomas Faraut and Daniel Kahn / Enzyme-specific profiles for genome annotation: PRIAM Nucleic Acids Research, 2003, Vol. 31, No. 22 6633-6639

How to read PRIAM EC number results

  • EC_id : EC number
  • Evidence : gives the confidence level associated to the match. It can be:
    • high : the match between the PRIAM profile and the sequence is very good (low Evalue and full alignment).
    • medium : there is only a partial alignment between the PRIAM profile and the sequence
    • low : there are better results with other PRIAM profiles matching to the sequence
  • profil : reference number of the PRIAM profile that matches to the sequence.
  • lengthprof : Length of the PRIAM profile
  • Eval : Evalue of the match
  • Ident : Identity of the match
  • begin : first position of the alignment
  • end : last position of the alignment
  • lmatch : length of the alignment between the sequence and the profile
  • de : enzyme description
  • an : alternative name
  • ca : description of the reaction catalysed
  • cf : cofactor needed for the reaction, if any
  • cc : some comments about the enzymatic activity