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puce Thursday 16 February 2012
ISO 9001:2008 Certification
The certification applies to LABGEM activities of research, developments and services. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Certificate

puce Tuesday 15 February 2011
Survey on MicroScope platform training courses
Dear current and future MicroScope users, We would like to improve our services, especially in term of training courses. Please, could you fill in this very short survey (5mn): Click here to (...)

puce Thursday 3 June 2010
MicroScope platform: new interface final release
The final release date is scheduled for Thursday 3rd June 2010. At this date, we’ll switch from the current MicroScope interface to the new one. Please check our Quick Start Guide for (...)

puce Tuesday 4 May 2010
MicroScope platform: new interface pre-release
During April 2010, we organized a 3 week beta-test session dedicated to the correction of main bugs, so we can now estimate the definitive deployment date for the end of May 2010. In order to (...)

puce Wednesday 7 April 2010
AGC changes his name

puce Thursday 7 June 2007
MaGe’s Gene Cart functionality : manage your own sets of genomic objects
Genomics objects can be exported from the Viewer, the Keywords Search and the Phyloprofile Synteny functionalities. A Gene Cart interface is also provided, wich allows the management of Gene (...)

puce Friday 16 March 2007
MicroScope Professional Trainings
Future training sessions dedicated to the use of our microbial genomes annotation and comparative analyses platform, MicroScope , are now scheduled for 2007. Administrative informations, (...)

puce Wednesday 7 June 2006
MaGe Tutorial
You can access to the tutorial through one of these ways: by clicking on the HELP icon in the top left corner of the MaGe main interface, through the URL: (...)

puce Monday 13 February 2006
Techno Report
BioWeka BioWeka is an extension library to the data mining framework Weka for knowledge discovery and data analysis tasks in biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics. More info on (...)

puce Friday 28 October 2005
Techno report
Open Office 2.0 is now available at http://www.openoffice.org

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