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 27 March 2009
( 11:00 - 12:00 )

"Genome Wide Analysis of the transcriptome by second generation sequencing" - Hugues RICHARD

Bonjour, Nous vous rappelons qu'un séminaire organisé par Genoscope/CEA aura lieu : Vendredi 27 mars 2009 11 H 00 Salle F. Jacob - RDC - Bât. G1 Présenté par Hugues RICHARD Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Genetik Titre : "Genome Wide Analysis of the transcriptome by second generation sequencing" Résumé : The functional complexity of the human transcriptome is not yet fully elucidated. We report a high-throughput sequence of the human transcriptome from a human embryonic kidney and a B cell line. We used shotgun sequencing of transcripts to generate randomly distributed reads. Of these, 50% mapped to unique genomic locations, of which 80% corresponded to known exons. We found that 66% of the polyadenylated transcriptome mapped to known genes and 34% to nonannotated genomic regions. On the basis of known transcripts, RNA-Seq can detect 25% more genes than can microarrays. A global survey of messenger RNA splicing events identified 94,241 splice junctions (4096 of which were previously unidentified) and showed that exon skipping is the most prevalent form of alternative splicing. Furthermore, we propose a set of statistical procedures to infer Alternative splicing events and quantify isoform proportions from RNA-Seq experiments. The approach, that combines hypothesis testing and EM estimation, was evaluated by RT-PCR-based experimental validations and by comparison with exon array data. Invité par François ARTIGUENAVE Catherine

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