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The Laboratory of Bioinformatic Analysis for Genomic and Metabolism (LABGeM) is a group that develops bioinformatics tools to the annotation and analysis of bacterial genomes, while actively participating in various annotation projects of newly sequenced genomes, or re-annotation of published genomes.

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Located within the National Sequencing Center (Genoscope), the LABGeM is the source of prokaryotic sequence data produced by the center. Recent developments made in the context of specific annotation projects (especially multigenome databases integrating all the results of annotation methods and comparative analysis, and a web GUI dedicated for annotation and called MaGe) resonate with good support in the biologists community. Demands, in terms of (re-)annotation projects of bacterial genomes are becoming more numerous, the LABGeM wants to develop with the Genoscope’s IT team, an efficient IT (Information Technology) infrastructure to meet these demands.

This project aims to provide to the «Prokaryotists» community a service for the construction of databases dedicated to (re-)annotation processes of complete bacterial genomes. These thematic databases are based on a multigenome relational database PkGDB (Prokaryotic Genome DataBase), which contains annotation data from published bacterial genome. These data are also enriched with our syntactic annotation results (i.e, «putative» gene sequences missing in banks, or rather the genes annotated «by mistake») and results of comparative genomics (i.e, finding orthologs and synteny groups).

The priorities of this service are:

- The development and maintenance, from the PkGDB instance, of thematic databases related to each (re-)annotation project.
- The development of an automatic annotation «pipeline» facilitating the integration of data analysis in databases.
- The implementation of an efficient information technology infrastructure aimed to optimize the architecture of the database and applications, to manage data updates, and to optimize the web & database server .
- Training and assistance to all users on analytical tools used for syntactic & functional annotation, and on the web interface MaGe.

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