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logoAGCbig.png (PNG)The major objective of our research group is to implement the IT (Information Technologies) resources required to extract meaningful information from the data of micro-organisms genomes now available or being under sequencing process.

For this purpose, two types of activities are jointly carried out:
- The implementation and development of computer tools with specific methods, more complex analysis strategies, specialized databases, or websites that offer free access to our methods and our databases.
- The application of these tools to the annotation / careful re-annotation of bacterial genomes.

At this stage, an important point of our activities is to interact closely with «bench» biologists to get a feedback of the experimental verification of some hypotheses performed in silico. Although our applications were initially directed towards the study of genomes of pathogenic micro-organisms, we have been led in recent years to broaden the scope of our analysis to very different prokaryotic genomes, especially environmental bacteria.

Some projects on pathogens, are the subject of very fruitful collaborations with various research laboratories in biology, but the bacteria now annotated and analysed by us are, most often, sequenced at the Genoscope.

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