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Prior-Knowledge Description Expectation Prediction Conclusion Leaf Statistics
UPA01012 L-aspartate biosynthesis~Biosynthesis of L-aspartate amino-acid from oxaloacetate, an intermediate of the TCA cycle, by a transamination reaction with glutamate. L-aspartate is a constituent of proteins and participates in several other biosyntheses as purine and pyrimidine nucleotide, NAD, phosphopanthothenate and other amino acids. True - {{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence
ULS00505 L-aspartate from oxaloacetate True - {{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence
UER01024 L-aspartate from oxaloacetate: step 1/1~1 L-glutamate + 1 oxaloacetate => 1 2-oxoglutarate + 1 L-aspartate. True - {{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence