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Prior-Knowledge Description Expectation Prediction Conclusion Leaf Statistics
UER00712 heme O from protoheme: step 1/1~1 H(2)O + 1 farnesyl diphosphate + 1 protoheme => 1 diphosphate + 1 heme O. None - {{∅}} True - {{t}} Unconfirmed presence
ULS00393 heme O from protoheme None - {{∅}} True - {{t}} Unconfirmed presence
UPA00834 heme O biosynthesis~Biosynthesis of heme O, a derivative of heme containing a 17-carbon hydroxyethylfarnesyl side chain at position 8 of the tetrapyrrole macrocycle. Heme O is a precursor in heme A biosyntesis. Warning: the biochemical reactions composing this pathway are not yet clearly defined. None - {{∅}} True - {{t}} Unconfirmed presence