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Prior-Knowledge Description Expectation Prediction Conclusion Leaf Statistics
UPA00269 heme A biosynthesis~Biosynthesis of heme A, a prosthetic group in many respiratory oxidases. It is synthesised from heme B (protoheme IX) with heme O as an intermediate. In Bacillus subtilis two genes required for heme A synthesis, ctaA and ctaB, have been identified. CtaB is the heme O synthase and CtaA is involved in the conversion of heme O to heme A. The model described by Brown et al. [PMID:10675592] is that Heme O Synthase (HOS) and Heme A Synthase (HAS) form a complex and that heme O is transferred directly from HOS to HAS. The biochemical reactions are not yet clearly defined. None - {{∅}} None - {{∅}} Unexplained
UER00713 heme A from heme O: step 1/1~1 heme O => 1 heme A. None - {{∅}} None - {{∅}} Unexplained
ULS00350 heme A from heme O None - {{∅}} None - {{∅}} Unexplained