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Prior-Knowledge Description Expectation Prediction Conclusion Leaf Statistics
ULS00164 carbamoyl phosphate from L-arginine True - {{∅},{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence
UER00365 carbamoyl phosphate from L-arginine: step 2/2~1 L-citrulline + 1 phosphate => 1 L-ornithine + 1 carbamoyl phosphate. True - {{∅},{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence
UPA00254 L-arginine degradation via ADI pathway~Degradation of L-arginine via ADI (arginine deiminase) pathway. In this pathway, L-arginine is converted into ornithine and carbamoyl-phosphate. Carbamoyl-phosphate is further converted into ammonia and CO2 with the concomitant production of ATP. This last part is described as an independant pathway. True - {{∅},{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence
UER00364 carbamoyl phosphate from L-arginine: step 1/2~1 H(2)O + 1 L-arginine => 1 L-citrulline + 1 NH(3). True - {{∅},{t}} True - {{t}} Confirmed presence