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Prior-Knowledge Description Expectation Prediction Conclusion Leaf Statistics
UCR07290 formyl-CoA + oxalate = formate + oxalyl-CoA False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent
UPA00540 oxalate degradation~Degradation of oxalate. Because of its toxicity, oxalate accumulation from amino-acid catabolism leads to acute disorders in mammals. Gut microflora are therefore pivotal in maintaining a safe intestinal oxalate balance through oxalate degradation. Oxalate catabolism was first identified in Oxalobacter formigenes, a specialized, strictly anaerobic bacterium. Oxalate degradation was found to be performed successively by two enzymes, a formyl-CoA transferase (frc) and an oxalate decarboxylase (oxc). These two genes are present in several bacterial genomes including that of Escherichia coli. False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent
UER00599 CO(2) and formate from oxalate: step 2/2~1 oxalyl-CoA => 1 CO(2) + 1 formyl-CoA. False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent
ULS00286 CO(2) and formate from oxalate False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent
UCR01908 oxalyl-CoA = CO(2) + formyl-CoA False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent
UER00598 CO(2) and formate from oxalate: step 1/2~1 formyl-CoA + 1 oxalate => 1 formate + 1 oxalyl-CoA. False - {{f}} None - {{∅}} Absent