ESTs from the zebrafish inner ear matching UniGene D. rerio clusters

ESTs from the zebrafish inner ear matching proteins in "nr" database

This database consists of 4694 contigs or singletons obtained from ~18000 reads of cDNAs that were isolated from the microdissected otocysts of zebrafish embryos at 20-30 hours postfertilization, following subtraction with a pool of liver cDNAs from adult fishes. A first group of sequences corresponded to zebrafish genes or ESTs present in the Danio rerio section of UniGene (NCBI). A second group of sequences, without similarity to Danio rerio UniGene clusters, encode putative proteins that showed significant homology (50 % to 100 % positivity) with proteins in the "nr" databank (NCBI). Several genes known to be expressed in the developing inner ear were represented in the present database, in particular genes involved in hair cell differentiation or innervation. These genes are indicated in the column labeled MRC, as a reference to the Table of gene expression in the developing ear (Holme et al).

for further details and citations, refer to:
Coimbra, R.S., Weil, D., Brottier P., Blanchard, S., Levi, M., Hardelin J.-P., Weissenbach, J., Petit, C. 2002. A subtracted cDNA library from the zebrafish Danio rerio) embryonic inner ear. Genome Research, 12 1007-11.

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