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Tuber melanosporum

Whole sequence shotgun

A whole-genome shotgun strategy (WGS) was adopted for sequencing and assembling the T. melanosporum draft genome. All genomic DNA was obtained from the vegetative mycelium of the haploid strain Mel28. Template DNA was extracted from mycelium using the Genomic Tip DNA extraction kit (Qiagen). This DNA was randomly sheared and size-fractionated to create libraries with roughly 3 kb and 10 kb inserts. From these two libraries, 1,284,900 reads were obtained. After trimming, the removal of multiple read attempts, and the exclusion of overly-short reads, the pool of data available for the assembly consisted of 1,281,391 reads (10X total sequence redundancy). The data was assembled using the ARACHNE assembler. After excluding redundant and short scaffolds, there remained 125 Mbp of scaffold sequence (398 supercontigs, N50= 637 kb).

Contact: Patrick Wincker (Genoscope) - Francis Martin (INRA)

Last update on 11 May 2009

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