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Supported Thesis

Date of defensePhD studentSubject Summary
12/05/11Gilles VieiraMetabolic diversity in Escherichia coli species, using metabolic networks and models at genom scaleyes
10/12/09Maxime DurotModel-based investigation of microbial metabolism to interpret gene essentiality results, illustrated on Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 metabolism.yes
09/30/09Asadollah AghaieStudy of degradation pathways by genetic and biochemical approaches: application to D-glucarate and galactarate in the bacterium Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 .yes
12/15/08Pierre-Yves BourguignonParsimonious Markov models and applications to biological sequence analysisyes
02/27/08Delphine RivièreComparison of microbial populations in anaerobic digesters treating wastewater sludge : molecular analysis of the diversity and activityYes
11/14/08Sonda Guermazi Comparative molecular diversity analysis of the microbiome in three municipal anaerobic sludge digestersYes
11/15/07Serge SmidtasModel and Analysis, Global and Local, of Heterogeneous Biological Interactions Networks (RIBH) Applied to YeastYes
02/08/07Valérie BarbeSequencing and analyzing Procaryotic genomes : the story of tree Acinetobacter speciesYes
02/08/07David VallenetMicroScope, a microbial genome annotation platform. Towards the analysis of three Acinetobacter bacteria Yes
12/15/06Olivier JaillonGenome sequence of Tetraodon nigroviridis as a tool to establish the human gene repertoire and to analyze the evolution of the vertebrate chromosomesyes
09/21/04Sophie PenetBiodegradation of diesel oil by various environmental and specialized microfloraeYes
12/12/03Rakia ChouariExploration of the microbial diversity in wastewater processing using activated sludge Yes
05/01Thomas BrülsLarge scale genome mapping applied to the construction of a human chromosome 14 physical map and to a transcriptional map of the mouse genome. Yes
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