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September 5, 2009 : Departure of the sailboat for the “Tara Oceans” expedition

The sailboat Tara is leaving for a unique 3-year scientific expedition in all the worlds’ oceans to study marine ecosystems which are still largely unknown, but essential for the equilibrium of the planet. Genoscope, which is the scientific partner of the Tara Oceans expedition, will provide its savoir-faire in genomic analysis for the study of the biodiversity of the microorganisms.

On September 4th and 5th, 2009 Lorient will celebrate the departure of Tara in the presence of the Minister of Education and Research, Valerie Pecresse. The festivities will take place in town square of the Eric Tabarly sailing center. For those who cannot attend the ceremony, the Thalassa TV program of Friday September at 20h35 on France 3 will cast off in the direction of Lorient, with Georges Pernoud and the Thalassa team. Every week for the next 10 months, the Thalassa TV program will report on the progress of the expedition.

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