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Publications of 2002

Altschmied J., Delfgaauw J., Wilde B., Duschl J., Bouneau L., Volff J.N. and Schartl M.
 « Subfunctionalization of duplicate mitf genes associated with differential degeneration of alternative exons in fish »
 Genetics. 2002. 161:259-267.

Attard A., Gout L., Gourgues M., Kuhn M.L., Schmit J., Laroche S., Ansan-Melayah D., Billault A., Cattolico L., Balesdent M.H. and Rouxel T.
 « Analysis of molecular markers genetically linked to the Leptosphaeria maculans avirulence gene AvrLm1 in field populations indicates a highly conserved event leading to virulence on Rlm1 genotypes »
 Mol. Plant Microbe Interact.. 2002. 15:672-682.

Bardet V., Couque N., Cattolico L., Hetet G., Devaux I., Duprat S., Gressin L., Vilmer E., Cave H. and Grandchamp B.
 « Molecular analysis of nonrandom 8q12 deletions in acute lymphoblastic leukemia : identification of two candidate genes »
 Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2002. 33:178-187.

Brunaud V., Balzergue S., Dubreucq B., Aubourg S., Samson F., Chauvin S., Bechtold N., Cruaud C., DeRose R., Pelletier G., Lepiniec L., Caboche M. and Lecharny A.
 « T-DNA integration into the Arabidopsis genome depends on sequences of pre-insertion sites »
 EMBO Rep. . 2002. 3:1152-1157.

Chureau C., Prissette M., Bourdet A., Barbe V., Cattolico L., Jones L., Eggen A., Avner P. and Duret L.
 « Comparative sequence analysis of the X-inactivation center region in mouse, human, and bovine »
 Genome Res. . 2002. 12:894-908.

Coimbra R.S., Weil D., Brottier P., Blanchard S., Levi M., Hardelin J.P., Weissenbach J. and Petit C.
 « A subtracted cDNA library from the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryonic inner ear »
 Genome Res.. 2002. 12:1007-1011.

Coullin P., Crooijmans R.P., Groenen M.A., Heilig R., Mollicone R., Oriol R. and Candelier J.J.
 « Assignment of FUT8 to chicken chromosome band 5q1.4 and to human chromosome 14q23.2—>q24.1 by in situ hybridization. Conserved and compared synteny between human and chicken »
 Cytogenet. Genome Res.. 2002. 97:234-8.

Coupry I., Roudaut C., Stef M., Delrue M.A., Marche M., Burgelin I., Taine L., Cruaud C., Lacombe D. and Arveiler B.
 « Molecular analysis of the CBP gene in 60 patients with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome »
 J. Med. Genet.. 2002. 39:415-421.

Da Silva, C., Hadji H., Ozouf-Costaz C., Nicaud S., Jaillon O., Weissenbach J. and Roest Crollius H.
 « Remarkable compartmentalization of transposable elements and pseudogenes in the heterochromatin of the Tetraodon nigroviridis genome »
 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2002. 99:13636-13641.

De Lonlay P., Mugnier C., Sanlaville D., Chantrel-Groussard K., Benit P., Lebon S., Chretien D., Kadhom N., Saker S., Gyapay G., Romana S., Weissenbach J., Munnich A., Rustin P. and Rotig A.
 « Cell complementation using Genebridge 4 human :rodent hybrids for physical mapping of novel mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency genes »
 Hum. Mol. Genet.. 2002. 11:3273-3281.

Fischer C., Bouneau L., Ozouf-Costaz C., Crnogorac-Jurcevic T., Weissenbach J. and Bernot A.
 « Conservation of the T-cell receptor alpha/delta linkage in the teleost fish Tetraodon nigroviridis  »
 Genomics. 2002. 79:241-248.

Grutzner F., Roest Crollius H., Lutjens G., Jaillon O., Weissenbach J., Ropers H.H. and Haaf T.
 « Four-hundred million years of conserved synteny of human Xp and Xq genes on three Tetraodon chromosomes »
 Genome Res.. 2002. 12:1316-1322 (2002).

Holt R.A., Subramanian G.M., Halpern A., Sutton G.G., Charlab R., Nusskern D.R., Wincker P., Clark A.G., Ribeiro J.M., Wides R., Salzberg S.L., Loftus B., Yandell M., Majoros W.H., Rusch D.B., Lai Z., Kraft C.L., Abril J.F., Anthouard V., Arensburger P., Atkinson P.W., Baden H., de Berardinis V., Baldwin D., Benes V., Biedler J., Blass C., Bolanos R., Boscus D., Barnstead M., Cai S., Center A., Chatuverdi K., Christophides G.K., Chrystal M.A., Clamp M., Cravchik A., Curwen V., Dana A., Delcher A., Dew I., Evans C.A., Flanigan M., Grundschober-Freimoser A., Friedli L., Gu Z., Guan P., Guigo R., Hillenmeyer M.E., Hladun S.L., Hogan J.R., Hong Y.S., Hoover J., Jaillon O., Ke Z., Kodira C., Kokoza E., Koutsos A., Letunic I., Levitsky A., Liang Y., Lin J.J., Lobo N.F., Lopez J.R., Malek J.A., McIntosh T.C., Meister S., Miller J., Mobarry C., Mongin E., Murphy S.D., O’Brochta D.A., Pfannkoch C., Qi R., Regier M.A., Remington K., Shao H., Sharakhova M.V., Sitter C.D., Shetty J., Smith T.J., Strong R., Sun J., Thomasova D., Ton L.Q., Topalis P., Tu Z., Unger M.F., Walenz B., Wang A., Wang J., Wang M., Wang X., Woodford K.J., Wortman J.R., Wu M., Yao A., Zdobnov E.M., Zhang H., Zhao Q., Zhao S., Zhu S.C., Zhimulev I., Coluzzi M., della Torre A., Roth C.W., Louis C., Kalush F., Mural R.J., Myers E.W., Adams M.D., Smith H.O., Broder S., Gardner M.J., Fraser C.M., Birney E., Bork P., Brey P.T., Venter J.C., Weissenbach J., Kafatos F.C., Collins F.H. and Hoffman S.L.
 « The genome sequence of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae  »
 Science. 2002. 298:129-149.

Jobard F., Lefevre C., Karaduman A., Blanchet-Bardon C., Emre S., Weissenbach J., Ozguc M., Lathrop M., Prud’homme J.F. and Fischer J.
 « Lipoxygenase-3 (ALOXE3) and 12(R)-lipoxygenase (ALOX12B) are mutated in non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma (NCIE) linked to chromosome 17p13.1 »
 Hum. Mol. Genet.. 2002. 11:107-113.

Journet E.P., van Tuinen D., Gouzy J., Crespeau H., Carreau V., Farmer M.J., Niebel A., Schiex T., Jaillon O., Chatagnier O., Godiard L., Micheli F., Kahn D., Gianinazzi-Pearson V. and Gamas P.
 « Exploring root symbiotic programs in the model legume Medicago truncatula using EST analysis »
 Nucleic Acids Res.. 2002. 30:5579-5592.

Médigue C., Bocs S., Labarre L., Mathé C. and Vallenet D.
 « L’annotation in silico des séquences génomiques »
 Med. Sci. . 2002. 18:237-250.

Roest Crollius H., Jaillon O., Bernot A., Pelletier E., Da Silva C., Bouneau L., Burge C., Yeh R.F., Quétier F., Saurin W. and Weissenbach J.
 « Genome-wide comparisons between human and tetraodon »
 Ernst Schering Res. Found Workshop. 2002. 36:11-29.

Salanoubat M., Genin S., Artiguenave F., Gouzy J., Mangenot S., Arlat M., Billault A., Brottier P., Camus J.C., Cattolico L., Chandler M., Choisne N., Claudel-Renard C., Cunnac S., Demange N., Gaspin C., Lavie M., Moisan A., Robert C., Saurin W., Schiex T., Siguier P., Thebault P., Whalen M., Wincker P., Levy M., Weissenbach J. and Boucher C.A.
 « Genome sequence of the plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum  »
 Nature. 2002. 415:497-502.

Starling A., Rocco P., Passos-Bueno M.R., Hazan J., Marie S.K. and Zatz M.
 « Autosomal dominant (AD) pure spastic paraplegia (HSP) linked to locus SPG4 affects almost exclusively males in a large pedigree »
 J. Med. Genet.. 2002. 39 :e77.

Weissenbach J.
 « Human genome project : past, present, future »
 Ernst Schering Res. Found Workshop. 2002. 36:1-9.

Zdobnov E.M., von Mering C., Letunic I., Torrents D., Suyama M., Copley R.R., Christophides G.K., Thomasova D., Holt R.A., Subramanian G.M., Mueller H.M., Dimopoulos G., Law J.H., Wells M.A., Birney E., Charlab R., Halpern A.L., Kokoza E., Kraft C.L., Lai Z., Lewis S., Louis C., Barillas-Mury C., Nusskern D., Rubin G.M., Salzberg S.L., Sutton G.G., Topalis P., Wides R., Wincker P., Yandell M., Collins F.H., Ribeiro J., Gelbart W.M., Kafatos F.C. and Bork P.
 « Comparative genome and proteome analysis of Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster  »
 Science. 2002. 298:149-159.

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