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Pubblications of 2001

Avner P., Brüls T., Poras I., Eley L., Gas S., Ruiz P., Wiles M.V., Sousa-Nunes R., Kettleborough R., Rana A., Morissette J., Bentley L., Goldsworthy M., Haynes A., Herbert E., Southam L., Lehrach H., Weissenbach J., Manenti G., Rodriguez-Tome P., Beddington R., Dunwoodie S. and Cox R.D.
A radiation hybrid transcript map of the mouse genome
Nat. Genet.. 2001. 29:194-200.

Balzergue S., Dubreucq B., Chauvin S., Le-Clainche I., Le Boulaire F., de Rose R., Samson F., Biaudet V., Lecharny A., Cruaud C., Weissenbach J., Caboche M. and Lepiniec L.
Improved PCR-walking for large-scale isolation of plant T-DNA borders
Biotechniques. 2001. 30:496-8, 502, 504.

Bernard O.A., Busson-LeConiat M., Ballerini P., Mauchauffe M., Della Valle V., Monni R., Nguyen Khac F., Mercher T., Penard-Lacronique V., Pasturaud P., Gressin L., Heilig R., Daniel M.T., Lessard M. and Berger R.
A new recurrent and specific cryptic translocation, t(5;14)(q35;q32), is associated with expression of the Hox11L2 gene in T acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Leukemia. 2001. 15:1495-504.

Bolotin A., Wincker P., Mauger S., Jaillon O., Malarme K., Weissenbach J., Ehrlich S.D. and A. Sorokin
The complete genome sequence of the lactic acid bacterium Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis IL1403
Genome Res.. 2001. 11:731-753.

Brüls T., Gyapay G., Petit J.L., Artiguenave F., Vico V., Qin S., Tin-Wollam A.M., Da Silva C., Muselet D., Mavel D., Pelletier E., Levy M., Fujiyama A., Matsuda F., Wilson R., Rowen L., Hood L., Weissenbach J., Saurin W. and Heilig R.
A physical map of human chromosome 14
Nature. 2001. 409:947-948.

Chambaud I., Heilig R., Ferris S., Barbe V., Samson D., Galisson F., Moszer I., Dybvig K., Wroblewski H., Viari A., Rocha E. and Blanchard A.
The complete genome sequence of the murine respiratory pathogen Mycoplasma pulmonis
Nucl. Acid. Res.. 2001. 29:2145-2153.

Chardon P., Rogel-Gaillard C., Cattolico L., Duprat S., Vaiman M. and Renard C.
Sequence of the swine major histocompatibility complex region containing all non-classical class I genes
Tissue Antigens. 2001. 57:55-65.

Charlier C., Segers K., Karim L., Shay T., Gyapay G., Cockett N. and Georges M.
The callipyge mutation enhances the expression of coregulated imprinted genes in cis without affecting their imprinting status
Nat. Genet.. 2001. 27:367-369.

Charlier C., Segers K., Wagenaar D., Karim L., Berghmans S., Jaillon O., Shay T., Weissenbach J., Cockett N., Gyapay G. and Georges M.
Human-Ovine Comparative Sequencing of a 250-kb Imprinted Domain Encompassing the Callipyge (clpg) Locus and Identification of Six Imprinted Transcripts: DLK1, DAT, GTL2, PEG11, antiPEG11, and MEG8
Genome Res. 2001 11:850-862.

de la Canal L., Crouzillat D., Quétier F. and Ledoigt G.
A transcriptional alteration on the apt9 gene is associated with a sunflower male-sterile cytoplasm
Theor. Appl. Genet.. 2001. 102:1185-1189.

Döring V., Mootz H.D., Nangle L.A., Hendrickson T.L., de Crecy-Lagard V., Schimmel P. and Marlière P.
 “Enlarging the amino acid set of Escherichia coli by infiltration of the valine coding pathway
 Science. 2001. 292:501-504.

Fischer J., Bouadjar B., Heilig R., Huber M., Lefevre C., Jobard F., Macari F., Bakija-Konsuo A., Ait-Belkacem F., Weissenbach J., Lathrop M., Hohl D. and Prud’homme J.F.
 “Mutations in the gene encoding SLURP-1 in Mal de Meleda
 Hum. Mol. Genet.. 2001. 10:875-880.

Heilig R. and Brüls T.
 “Premiers regards sur la séquence du génome humain
 Med. Sci.. 2001. 17:299-308.

International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium (Weissenbach J., Heilig R., Saurin W., Artiguenave F., Brottier P., Brüls T., Pelletier E., Robert C., Wincker P. for Genoscope)
 “Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome
 Nature. 2001. 409:860-921.

Katinka M.D., Duprat S., Cornillot E., Metenier G., Thomarat F., Prensier G., Barbe V., Peyretaillade E., Brottier P., Wincker P., Delbac F., El Alaoui H., Peyret P., Saurin W., Gouy M., Weissenbach J. and Vivares C.P.
 “Genome sequence and gene compaction of the eukaryote parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi
 Nature. 2001. 414:450-453.

Le Paslier D. and Bernot A.
 “Le projet génome humain : quinze ans d’efforts
 Med. Sci.. 2001. 17:294-298.

Lecompte O., Ripp R., Puzos-Barbe V., Duprat S., Heilig R., Dietrich J., Thierry J.C. and Poch O.
 “Genome evolution at the genus level: comparison of three complete genomes of hyperthermophilic archaea
 Genome Res. 2001. 11:981-93.

Lefevre C., Jobard F., Caux F., Bouadjar B., Karaduman A., Heilig R., Lakhdar H., Wollenberg A., Verret J.L., Weissenbach J., Ozguc M., Lathrop M., Prud’homme J.F. and Fischer J.
 “Mutations in cgi-58, the gene encoding a new protein of the esterase/lipase/thioesterase subfamily, in chanarin-dorfman syndrome
 Am. J. Hum. Genet. 2001. 69:1002-12.

Ogata H., Audic S., Renesto-Audiffren P., Fournier P.E., Barbe V., Samson D., Roux V., Cossart P., Weissenbach J., Claverie J.M. and Raoult D.
 “Mechanisms of evolution in Rickettsia conorii and R. prowazekii
 Science. 2001. 293:2093-8.

Peyret P., Katinka M.D., Duprat S., Duffieux F., Barbe V., Barbazanges M., Weissenbach J., Saurin W. and Vivares C.P.
 “Sequence and Analysis of Chromosome I of the Amitochondriate Intracellular Parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi (Microspora)
 Genome Res. 2001. 11:198-207.

Renard C., Vaiman M., Chiannilkulchai N., Cattolico L., Robert C. and Chardon P.
 “Sequence of the pig major histocompatibility region containing the classical class I genes
 Immunogenetics. 2001. 53:490-500.

Robert-Nicoud M., Flahaut M., Elalouf J.M., Nicod M., Salinas M., Bens M., Doucet A., Wincker P., Artiguenave F., Horisberger J.D., Vandewalle A., Rossier B.C. and Firsov D.
 “Transcriptome of a mouse kidney cortical collecting duct cell line: Effects of aldosterone and vasopressin
 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 2001. 98:2712-2716.

Roest Crollius H.
 “Le génome humain : une séquence pour le prix de deux?
 Med. Sci. 17:309-311 (2001).

Rondeau G., Moreau I., Bezieau S., Petit J.L., Heilig R., Fernandez S., Pennarun E., Myers J.S., Batzer M.A., Moisan J.P. and Devilder M.C.
 “Comprehensive analysis of a large genomic sequence at the putative B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) tumour suppresser gene locus
 Mutat. Res.. 2001. 458:55-70.

The International Human Genome Mapping Consortium (Weissenbach J., Brüls T. and Heilig R. for Genoscope)
 “A physical map of the human genome
 Nature. 2001. 409:934-941.

Vigneau S., Levillayer F., Crespeau H., Cattolico L., Caudron B., Bihl F., Robert C., Brahic M., Weissenbach J. and Bureau J.F.
 “Homology between a 173-kb region from mouse chromosome 10, telomeric to the Ifng locus, and human chromosome 12q15
 Genomics. 2001. 78:206-13.

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