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Metabolic Genomics Group

The Metabolic Genomics UMR has undertaken the task of extending the sequence annotations {in silico} using experimental approaches, in particular in the domain of metabolic enzymes.

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 Laboratory of Bioinformatic Analysis for Genomic and Metabolism ( LABGeM )
 Laboratory of metagenomics of prokaryotes (LMP)
 Laboratory of computational systems biology (LBIR)
 Laboratory of bioinformatics sequence analysis (LABIS)
 Laboratory of genomics & biochemistry of metabolism (LGBM)
 Laboratory of organic chemistry and biocatalysis (LCOB)


The Metabolic Genomics Unit (UMR 8030) is the fundamental research structure of Genoscope—the French National Sequencing Center, which is now part of the Genomics Institute of the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission). This Mixed Research Unit has three parent organizations, the University of Evry, the CEA and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). Historically, the principal focus of the unit was narrowly linked to the sequencing activities of Genoscope. This activity involves the in silico analysis of the sequence of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes.

These sequence analyses are still being actively pursued today, but have been extended to include the functional identification of enzymes whose metabolic role is unknown. The search for new enzymatic activities fits into a larger program with two central objectives: (1) to attempt ot obtain an integrated vision of the metabolism of a bacterial organism and (2) to complete the construction of bacterial metabolic pathways which are unknown or about which little is known, and in particular under anaerobic conditions.

These two objectives depend first on a knowledge of complete sequences, but also on the analysis of sequences from metagenomic approaches. To approach these questions we have created two genomic resources over thelast several years:

    • a pangenomic collection of mutants of Acinetobacter baylyi
    • a large collection of metagenomic sequences of prokaryotic flora from waste-water treatment plants. A critical examination of these resources forms the departure point for a whole series of questions which will then be approached using experimental or bioinformatics methodology, or a combination of both.
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