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Human genetic map, supplementary data (Nature 1996)

This table provides direct access to tabular data and chromosome maps related to this publication :

Dib C. et al, A comprehensive genetic map of the human genome based on 5,264 microsatellites. Nature 380, 152 - 154 (14 March 1996); doi:10.1038/380152a0.
Abstract | PDF (Links to the Nature Website ; full text (PDF document) may require special arrangment with Nature Publishing Group).

Chromosomes Alleles Data Chromosome map (PDF format) sequences
Chr1 Allele Chr1 Data Chr1 Figure Chr1 Sequence Chr1
Chr2 Allele Chr2 Data Chr2 Figure Chr2 Sequence Chr2
Chr3 Allele Chr3 Data Chr3 Figure Chr3 Sequence Chr3
Chr4 Allele Chr4 Data Chr4 Figure Chr4 Sequence Chr4
Chr5 Allele Chr5 Data Chr5 Figure Chr5 Sequence Chr5
Chr6 Allele Chr6 Data Chr6 Figure Chr6 Sequence Chr6
Chr7 Allele Chr7 Data Chr7 Figure Chr7 Sequence Chr7
Chr8 Allele Chr8 Data Chr8 Figure Chr8 Sequence Chr8
Chr9 Allele Chr9 Data Chr9 Figure Chr9 Sequence Chr9
Chr10 Allele Chr10 Data Chr10 Figure Chr10 Sequence Chr10
Chr11 Allele Chr11 Data Chr11 Figure Chr11 Sequence Chr11
Chr12 Allele Chr12 Data Chr12 Figure Chr12 Sequence Chr12
Chr13 Allele Chr13 Data Chr13 Figure Chr13 Sequence Chr13
Chr14 Allele Chr14 Data Chr14 Figure Chr14 Sequence Chr14
Chr15 Allele Chr15 Data Chr15 Figure Chr15 Sequence Chr15
Chr16 Allele Chr16 Data Chr16 Figure Chr16 Sequence Chr16
Chr17 Allele Chr17 Data Chr17 Figure Chr17 Sequence Chr17
Chr18 Allele Chr18 Data Chr18 Figure Chr18 Sequence Chr18
Chr19 Allele Chr19 Data Chr19 Figure Chr19 Sequence Chr19
Chr20 Allele Chr20 Data Chr20 Figure Chr20 Sequence Chr20
Chr21 Allele Chr21 Data Chr21 Figure Chr21 Sequence Chr21
Chr22 Allele Chr22 Data Chr22 Figure Chr22 Sequence Chr22
ChrX Allele ChrX Data ChrX Figure ChrX Sequence ChrX
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