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Frankia alni ACN14a

Whole genome shotgun

The sequencing of the genome of Frankia alni has been completed. The size of the genome is 7 497 934 base pairs and it has a 72.8% (G+C) content. The sequencing of this genome at Genoscope was performed using three DNA libraries of the ACN14a strain : a library of 50 000 inserts of 3 kb cloned in the pCDNA2.1 vector (high copy number); a library of 10 000 inserts of 10 kb cloned in the pCNS vector (low copy number); and a library of 5000 BAC clones with inserts of average size 120 kb, for which the ends have been sequenced. The first two libraries were constructed at Genoscope from DNA extracted from a pure culture of Frankia produced at the microbial ecology Center in Lyon, whereas the BAC library was constructed by Beth Mullin’s group at the University of Tennesse and

Jeffrey Tomkins’ group at Clemson University. The clone-links furnished by the 5000 BAC-end sequences were used during the assembly phase to validate the structure of the supercontig(s) obtained. The total amount of sequence produced amounts to a 10X coverage (7X for the first library, 2X for the second and 1X for the BAC end sequences). The finishing phase of this project was carried out at Genoscope.
The annotation of the genomic sequence of Frankia alni was performed by the annotation platform of the AGC (Atelier for comparative genomics). The graphic annotation interface, MaGe (the Frankiascope thematic database) permits visualization of the results of the automatic annotation (coding probability curves) together with the choices of the annotation expert and the synteny data.

Nathalie Choisne (Genoscope) - Philippe Normand (UMR CNRS 5557)

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