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Arabidopsis thaliana siliculosis


As an alternative to fingerprinting, and in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, as part of the SPP Consortium and TIGR, Genoscope is determining the end sequences of the BAC clones from both TAMU and IGF libraries.

This project will facilitate the choice of the BAC clones to be sequenced in order to have minimal overlap at each end with those already sequenced.

At Genoscope, our contribution is to generate the end sequences of about 9000 of the BAC clones from the TAMU and IGF libraries.

Genoscope has sequenced 8735 TAMU and 7625 IGF BAC ends.

  1. Sequence and chromatogram visualisation
  2. Access to results
  3. BAC DNA preparation protocol
  4. BLAST search against BAC end sequences

Contact : Marcel Salanoubat ([Email])

Last update on 14 January 2008

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