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Acinetobacter baylyi

Whole genome shotgun

Gram-negative bacteria of the genus Acinetobacter are classified in the gamma subdivision of the Gram-negative proteobacteria, and more precisely on the Moraxellaceae branch. Isolates of Acinetobacter are characterized as strictly aerobic non-motile heterotrophic mesophiles capable of utilising a great variety of substrates as carbon sources, from alkanes to organic acids, especially aromatic ones. Their chemical composition is similar to that of Escherichia coli, except for the absence of the polyamine putrescine and its derivatives, which are replaced by diaminopropane. The Acinetobacter baylyi strain ADP1 was obtained from a soil isolate which can be transformed easily.

The Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 genome is 3 598 621 bp long, and its G+C content is 40.3%. The sequencing work was performed on clones from two libraries, with mean insert sizes of 3 kb (in a pcDNA2.1-derived vector) and 20 kb (in a pBeloBAC11-derived vector). We have sequenced 5.3 genome equivalents from the first library, and 2.5 genome equivalents from the second one, using two different chemistries. The total coverage is therefore 7.8 X. The widest of the gaps that remained in the assembly have been filled in by PCR and sub-cloning. Gap-filling and polishing work yielded a continuous sequence of “finished” quality. The assembly was checked by a comparison between the theoretical restriction profile and a physical map of the genome (E.M. Gralton et al. (1997), Microbiology 143: 1

Contact : Valérie Barbe

Sequences are available here.

Last update on 9 April 2008

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